The ultimate guide to Komodo Countrywide Park Dive Sites.

Colourful reefs coated in attractive smooth corals. Pinnacles so dense in fish you may’t see the rocks. Exhilarating drift dives to identify majestic manta rays. Nutritious difficult corals reefs with resident turtles. Black sand critter dives with special macro everyday living. Komodo has all of it!

Komodo’s remarkable biodiversity is due to its area inside the coral triangle. Komodo is often a UNESCO Environment Heritage Internet site. Also, it absolutely was lately nominated as among the New seven Miracles of Mother nature.

The fascinating and one of a kind dive area of Komodo can only genuinely be appreciated by using a liveaboard cruise. Numerous liveaboards include places that aren't visited by working day excursions or resorts.

Dive web pages in Komodo can be found about and in between the a few principal islands. Komodo, Rinca and Padar islands plus quite a few scaled-down kinds, are where the motion normally takes area. Though Komodo covers a comparatively little area in comparison with other dive Locations in Indonesia, it is so different no diver will be disappointed with their liveaboard cruise to this globe-course diving destination.

Best Dive Web pages in Komodo
The very best dive websites in Komodo are described beneath. There are several other excellent dive places but a lot of to mention in this article. We have coated the most popular and those visited most frequently with the liveaboards.

Komodo - Northern Dive Web sites
North Komodo functions pinnacles dives brimming with fish, exhilarating drift dives in excess of spectacular coral reefs and immaculate difficult coral reefs.

Castle Rock
North of Komodo island would be the small island of Gili Lawalaut. Outside of Gili Lawalaut are two renowned pinnacles. Castle Rock is one of them. Castle Rock has also been identified as ‘Difficult to find Rock’. That's since the two major pinnacles of the dive site are entirely submerged.

Currents below run east to west or west to east and will be potent. When a present is present, reef sharks patrol the reef trying to find a simple food. Massive colleges of fusiliers and surgeonfish are whatever they are interested in! But this dive web-site will also be dived at slack tide. This is certainly when the large educational facilities of fish are more peaceful plus they Obtain near to the main rocks.

Turtles, napoleon wrasse, educational institutions of sailfin snappers, batfish, white idea reef sharks, gray reef sharks are all Element of the action at Castle Rock. Dolphins have also been regarded to visit this dive website.

Crystal Rock
At lower tide, the primary pinnacle at Crystal Rock breaks the surface. Colourful orange delicate corals deal with the rocks surrounding the steep pinnacle. A 2nd pinnacle, and perhaps a third for the greater adventurous, are component of the fantastic dive website.

Crystal Rock, like Castle Rock, has an abundance of fish life. Eagle rays, reef sharks, even dolphins are sighted below. Macro lovers will continue to take pleasure in this dive internet site. Pygmy seahorses reside in The ocean fans. Leaf fish and crocodile fish just like the rocky parts. And for your definitely tiny critters, appear inside the delicate corals for Girl bug amphipods.

A different spot to dive With this area is Shotgun. Here, a little hole among two islands leads to a fast move of water, which can shoot you out at the end of the dive! The sloping hard coral reef either side from the shotgun are attractive and teeming with fish.

Rays live in the white sand at the sting of the reef. Together the side of the shotgun there are large colleges of snappers and jacks. Massive colleges of cow nose rays can be viewed at this dive web page. Manta rays also move by often.

Tatawa Besar
Together the sting from the island of Tatawa Besar is an amazing drift dive. It is best carried out when There may be some current since the whole reef will come alive. Comfortable corals fill Element of the reef, and colourful anthias zip in and out of the corals. Batfish and snappers Are living beside a big coral head that is filled with glassfish.

Manta rays at times go by here or clean up up within the shallows. Reef sharks similar to this place since there’s numerous fish to feed on! A different segment with the reef is really an immaculate tricky coral reef. Hope to see turtles feeding During this space.

Komodo - Central Dive Sites
Central Komodo dive internet sites are during the wide channel produced by Komodo and Flores islands. Listed here the mass movement of drinking water on Every tide draws in big colleges of fish and many manta rays.

Batu Bolong
Batu Bolong is a well-liked dive website During this spot. The shallows of the dive site are coated in breathtaking tricky corals. Fish usually glance occupied below, in the very small colourful anthias to major colleges of fusiliers. The fish biodiversity that lives on this site is amazing.

Turtles, manta rays, sharks, eagle rays, and for the Blessed, dolphins all locate this pinnacle a fascinating spot to pass by!

Karang Makassar
Beside Komodo island is this very lengthy drift dive. The utmost depth of this dive will likely be 10-twelve metres. You pretty much fly along the bottom of the sea! You will find there's lots of rock and rubble but this barren searching seascape is interspersed with substantial patches of coral.

Manta rays, persistently in large numbers, arrive right here to clean and feed. A highly regarded dive web site but will also a wonderful snorkelling place way too. Encounters with manta rays here are outside of belief. Different types of sharks such as bamboo, black idea and white suggestion can be noticed listed here.

Siaba Kecil
Siaba Kecil has amazing tough corals household to green and hawksbill turtles. Just like most of the dive web sites while in the channel, This may be an exhilarating drift dive. You will find there's huge plateau full of staghorn hard corals. Turtles are almost a particular sighting at this dive web site. Huge educational facilities of jacks love to sit in the current. Manta rays also pass by here, they might even prevent in a cleaning station.

Dugongs have been sighted in Komodo National Park. They're really shy but some lucky divers have noticed them at this dive web page.

Pink Beach
Pink Beach front is a popular prevent in Komodo Countrywide Park. Take a look at the Seaside to see the pink sand! Underwater is a little wall that attracts education fish, turtles and cool macro critters for instance frogfish. Out within the sand, reef sharks rest and a Distinctive octopus is likely to be observed.

While in the shallows are extremely nutritious staghorn corals. Juvenile barramundi cods and harlequin sweetlips are a favourite with divers. Crocodile fish similar to the sandy visit spots in between the tricky corals. You would possibly even manage to spot mandarin fish inside the difficult corals.

Batu Tengah
Batu suggests “rock” and Tengah signifies “middle”. This tiny island, a lot more like a huge rock, sits ideal in the midst of the Komodo Nationwide Park. In the event the currents are developing with the south the h2o could be cooler in this article.

Very healthier challenging corals are inside the shallows in which you can see turtles and many fish existence. Throughout the deep edges with the sloping reef, batfish, reef sharks, napoleon wrasse and jacks cruise about. Macro critters Stay listed here too, nudibranchs, leaf fish, ribbon eels and pygmy seahorses are all feasible listed here.

Wainilo is a calm spot to anchor right away. There is certainly also an incredible night dive in this article. It can also be carried out as daily dive. That is a critter dive. In the shallows is often a broken down challenging coral reef. In among the rubble mandarin fish and picturesque dragonets cover.

Out from the sand try to look for uncommon nudibranchs, blue-ringed octopus, demon stingers, ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimps, Rhinopias, frogfish, the listing goes on! There is certainly even a species of moray eel below that is apparently endemic to this location.

Komodo - Southern Dive Websites
South Komodo dive websites vary to one other parts of the park, while in the species of corals and fish which you can see.

Cannibal Rock
Horseshoe Bay is fashioned via the south of Rinca Island plus the little island of Nusa Kode. The very well-renowned dive internet sites of Cannibal Rock, Yellow Wall of Texas and Torpedo Alley, to name a couple of, are discovered below.

Cannibal Rock has actually been cited as being probably the greatest dive internet sites on the globe. An awesome abundance of fish make this Liveaboard Indonesia beautiful pinnacle their property. Tricky and smooth corals encompass a pinnacle that breaks the surface at small tide. The colour about the dive internet site is produced by the crinoids, sponges, sea apples, tunicates and smooth corals. Likewise the educational facilities of fish at the very best from the rock.

Big frogfish, nudibranchs, leaf fish, anemone fish with tongue biters, pygmy seahorses, turtles, reef sharks, crocodile fish, nurse sharks, clown frogfish, ghost pipefish, octopus, this dive web site is full of motion and life.

Yellow Wall of Texas
Yellow Wall of Texas was named by a person Larry Smith, one of several pioneers of Komodo Countrywide Park. This prolonged wall is just not so deep but has a great deal to offer you from amazing macro critters to massive universities of fish. Along the shallower depths from the wall, fire sea urchins with zebra crabs or Coleman shrimps are observed. From the delicate corals are little ladybug amphipods in big numbers.

Sea apples in a lot of colours absolutely are a Exclusive sort of sea cucumber. It can be intriguing to watch these spherical and brightly coloured filter feeders using their tentacles to capture their food items in the current.

Torpedo Alley
The black sand of Torpedo Alley delivers a fantastic creature hunt to locate some of rarest critters in the world. Rhinopias have already been witnessed below. Together with, coconut octopus, frogfish, bobbit worms, nudibranchs, electric powered torpedo rays, mimic octopus, Ambon scorpionfish, sea moths, seahorses, Unusual shrimps… the checklist goes on and on!

Manta Alley
Komodo has a large populace of in excess of one,000 manta rays! Komodo is the most effective destinations on the globe to dive Using these majestic miracles of your ocean. Manta Alley is another amazing dive internet site in which you can encounter manta rays.

Manta Alley is over the southern idea of Komodo island. The landscape may be very remarkable right here, with high cliffs and massive rocks protruding on the ocean. Manta rays feeding about the surface area make snorkelling in this article a terrific encounter. They also occur below to acquire cleaned and divers might be handled to your manta ballet whilst they watch massive quantities of manta vying for Room about the cleansing station.

Three Sisters
Padar island has a very stunning bay in which liveaboards can find a tranquil anchorage. The landscapes here is gorgeous. The diving is excellent too! Just one well known dive web-site is A few Sisters.

These underwater pinnacles host an enormous amount of fish lifetime. Significant schools of fish congregate across the rocks. Reef sharks and educational facilities of mobula rays cruise out while in the deep waters. Large frogfish live in sponges within the steep partitions on the pinnacles. Sea apples and fireplace sea urchins are also located in this southern dive site.

Dive Internet sites Exterior Komodo
Liveaboards may also pay a visit to some places beyond the Komodo Countrywide Park. Underneath we list the most popular.

Gili Banta
Gili Banta is a large island towards the west of Komodo Nationwide Park. There are lots of dive web-sites and many liveaboards will invest an entire day diving right here.

GPS Issue
This can be a dive for Innovative divers. Challenging coral gardens fall right down to huge rock formations and steep slopes. Grey reef sharks such as the deep drinking water in this article.

Tanduk Rusa
Found on just one corner of Gili Banta, Tanduk Rusa is often a little bit of a rollercoaster trip. Even so the long reef that stretches together the facet of the island is a calmer dive for this a lot less professional. Manta rays pass alongside this reef.

Critter Hunt
This is a superb night dive. Stargazers are the leading attraction below. The large sandy place also hosts long-armed octopus, flounders, stone fish and waspfish.

Sangeang Volcano
Sangeang is undoubtedly an active volcano off Sumbawa island. A lot of liveaboards will stop in this article for every day of diving. There are lots of dive internet sites.

Incredibly hot Rocks
Ever experimented with diving in an underwater jacuzzi?! A result of the Energetic status from the volcano, gases bubble up from under the sand. In a single part of this dive internet site, your entire sandy region has streams of bubbles soaring out of the sand. This really unique diving practical experience will likely be remembered fondly by divers.

In front of the village of Bontoh, is an excellent dive website. Critters galore can be found while in the black sand right here. This dive web site is very very good for an evening dive.

The hectic port of Bima is around the island of Sumbawa. Some liveaboards commence or conclude their cruises below.

Strange Suspects
Close to the outside of Bima Bay is really a shoreline that provides superb critter diving. All the unusual suspects could be found below! Muck diving here is fantastic.

Other Routines
Not surprisingly, the spotlight in Komodo National Park is to view Komodo dragons. Two islands, Komodo and Rinca, Have got a ranger station. Liveaboards will consist of at least a single land excursion to check out these huge lizards. Komodo dragons are not discovered anyplace else on the earth and so this is without a doubt a the moment within a life time knowledge.

On Gili Lawalaut has an attractive Seashore which can be frequented at substantial tide. There exists also a short trek up to a viewpoint to watch out more than the islands within the Komodo Flores channel.

On Gili Lawa Darat there are several treks. In the event you walk on the very leading at sunset time the views are spectacular.

On Padar Island You can find also a trek to the viewpoint. The viewpoint begins close by to exactly where the liveaboards anchor. It is possible to hike up the hill and then down the opposite to an attractive pink sand Seashore.

A visit to Komodo Village is a fantastic cultural practical experience. Below the houses are designed on stilts, a huge cause of that is to maintain out the Komodo dragons which the community people share the island with!

There are many really beaches in Komodo. Pink Beach a favorite Seaside to go to to begin to see the extraordinary pink sand.

Maritime Park and Conservation in Komodo
Komodo was initially declared a nature reserve in 1965. Komodo National Park was founded in 1980 to shield the Komodo dragon. Later the park was dedicated to shielding other species, which include marine species. In 1991, the nationwide park was created a UNESCO Environment Heritage Website.

Komodo island by itself is concerning the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. The 3 significant check it out islands In the nationwide park are Komodo, Rinca and Padar. 26 smaller islands also are throughout the park.

Komodo Dragons exist nowhere else on the planet. You can find all-around 5,seven hundred of those huge lizards living inside the Komodo Nationwide Park. Experts studying the idea of evolution are extremely enthusiastic about the Komodo Dragon. Komodo dragons certainly are a safeguarded species.

In 2014 Indonesia proven the entire world’s biggest sanctuary for manta rays. Manta rays really are a shielded species through the complete archipelago.

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